Rating: 4 out of 5.

The ‘Mushroom’ of Sevilla was the final item in our short itinerary yesterday and with thanks to late summer nights and Spanish propensity for closing shop later than most other countries, we were able to visit the Metropol Parasol on short notice and without needing pre-ordered tickets. My first impression of Las Setas though wasn’t completely favorable as I felt I had to constantly keep watch of my belongings given the dubious cast of characters lounging by the base of the monument. Turns out we could have avoided all of them by buying our tickets in the basement and taking the disco-themed elevator to the Mirador on top of the wood-like structure, which we did but only after waiting for the ticket-seller who unceremoniously disappeared from her post to go somewhere for around 5 minutes or so, only to come back like nothing happened. Quite strange that one.

As we wandered up and around the undulating, massive sculpture I did find a certain peace that made the experience quite appealing – being high up and looking down at the world tends to do that I suppose. The views up there were as good if not better than those at the Torre de Giralda, with the added benefit of sunset happening in the horizon and the presence of much-needed cool winds, which made the steamy afternoon seem like a forgettable headache. A quick roundabout later and we were off to cap the night with a late meal somewhere close by. It was going to be another welcome round of tapas for dinner, and I was hoping Sevilla won’t disappoint.



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