LA AZOTEA | Sevilla

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The land of tapas did not disappoint in our first official meal in Seville yesterday, for a typically late, typically Spanish 3 p.m. lunch. The hotel-recommended La Azotea in Barrio Santa Cruz was actually also in my accumulated list of restaurants and I was heartened to hear the staff at our hotel thought so as well. What was potentially an 8-minute walk though doubled to a treacherous 16 because Google thought it should send me to another La Azotea much farther north, which is never helpful in 30+ degree weather, not to mention the place was closed. After having to double back and finding the right place the second time around, I wasn’t in a particular forgiving mood if anything went pear-shaped. As luck would have it, the service was good with a few appreciative smiles from the waitstaff here and there, and even better, the food was terrific, the pulpo and cod absolutely delicious, likely helped by the best sangria I’ve tasted in a while. What made the great meal even better was that Jess and Gino, two newly-found friends from Switzerland whom I met exactly a year ago decided to join us for the time we’re in Andalucia, were three to join us for dinner as well. And with that the lunch became an early highlight less than one day into our Spanish adventure. My ‘no meals after 8 p.m.’ rule I have a strong feeling will be pretty much out the window soon.



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