Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Sevilla’s cathedral is humongous, impressive, and likely mostly made of stolen loot from the colonies. Half-kidding aside, the structure was a showstopper really meant to make believers out of anyone back then, even those who couldn’t even dare think otherwise. It was an impressive display that was likely a counterpoint to the region’s moorish influence and it definitely didn’t disappoint expectations. It was a relief to look in and get away from the searing heat and to witness where the famous Christopher Columbus’ remains are supposedly kept in a grander than grand fashion. Despite its many controversies in this increasingly atheistic world, it’s still a comfort to see what the Catholic Church, and by extension humanity, has accomplished, and should the world find itself awoken into secularity someday it would still be in awe of what was possible then, and find wisdom in a symbol that’s both holy and utterly mundane.



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