Much like a Cubist painting, the tapestry that is Andalucia was on full display this morning as we were landing in Seville, with various shades of sharp browns and greens like semaphores welcoming us Indios Bravos into the old world. The browns surely a reflection of the natural dryness in the region, and the greens a sign of societal determination over nature.
As we’re all mostly ground-level creatures, its always interesting seeing anything from above and it wasn’t any different as we flew in. We are in Southern Europe now and even before we could disembark from the plane it was already pretty evident that the forecasters were right – it’s noticeably a bit warm down here. It’s an interesting feeling to be a Filipino in Spain given our shared history and I’m already looking forward to all the common things – big and small – that’ll pop up more often than not on this trip.

The loudness of the locals, for one, is already quite evident.


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