On this our final official vacation day, our final mandatory destination here in the Alsace region just happens to be its capital.


At first glance I couldn’t help but feel disappointed with Strasbourg as it looked like a poorer cousin to Colmar – it was lacking that oomph factor since the architecture was the same as I’d seen just earlier. All that changed, however, when we reached Place de la Cathédrale.

The queen of Strasbourg, the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, is too massive and awe-inspiring for words. It soars so high above the plaza that it’s surely a wonder of the medieval world, more so that it was the tallest structure in the entire planet for a good 200+ years. Its beauty wasn’t just skin deep as it was just as breathtaking inside, with a giant pipe organ seemingly hanging perilously on one side and a complicated animatronic astronomical clock on one end. Funny how everyone waited with bated breath when the 30th minute passed and almost nothing happened.


No doubt about it and just in time, I am all touristed out. Our last night in France at the wonderful Château de L’Isle is tonight and we begin our seven-hour drive back to Amsterdam tomorrow morning. It’s been amazing, aggravating, and fantastic, and I would do it all over again in an instant. Here’s to more escargot, foie gras, excellent wine, five-star castles, and many other French adventures in the future. And as every waiter and waitress has told us – Merci, Au revoir!

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