COLMAR | France

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Much like our visits to Dinan, Saint-Malo, and Annecy, the imperial city of Colmar was another medieval horn-o-plenty and a revelation. Despite getting advanced intel on the town, I wasn’t pinning much excitement with our activities today due to the cleared weather and increased temps – it hit the low 20s today – that while it makes for better-looking pictures, it puts a crimp on my comfort level when wandering around. Thankfully, I was frequently distracted by the endless number of medieval structures in the old center to notice the heat, and kept a steady stride and not get overly-excited as I normally did before. This tourist  business can really take a lot of work at times.

Colmar in any case was yet another enviably beautiful French town with plenty of things to offer – so many historic and historical buildings that give it so much character and substance.


When the lunch hour came, I was determined to go to a place that served local cuisine, but didn’t make a fuss where. Le Fer Rouge was at the right corner at the right time and consequently became our lucky host. The main takeaways – order the well-prepared regional specialty, the tarte flambée or flammkuchen, and check out the street view from their third floor. Lunch was cheap and easy, as it should practically be.


We left almost immediately after lunch as there was still one item left on our to-do list. Merci, Colmar, you’ve left a big impression that’ll be hard to fill.


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