Rating: 3 out of 5.

As far as tourist trap restaurants go, this was pretty decent if not a bit silly.

Once we were done playing Condé Nast Traveler photographers, surely out of sheer exhaustion, Teko blurred out that he was okay to grab dinner last night at any tourist trap of my choosing, which was only slightly insulting as I’d like to think I choose restaurants fairly well.

After doing a short round near the Palais de l’Isle we settled on one that didn’t have a sidewalk hawker inviting us in, never a good sign for Teko, and followed a nice, young lady into Ô Savoyard, which had a medieval theme as a gimmick. It was here surrounded by faux farmer tools and 13th century knickknacks where oddly enough I was able to satisfy one of my French cuisine cravings – escargot was on the menu. That and a pork dish – some kind of dinuguan but with less vinegar, were my dinner for the evening while Teko had his usual burger, which following the theme, had red burger buns. Medieval times were so bloody even the bread wasn’t spared.


At the end of it all I couldn’t finish all my food not because it wasn’t good but that there was simply too much of it. Hate it when that happens. The overall experience though was satisfying for what it was – a relaxed, quiet, end-to-another-full-day meal that filled me in the right spots.



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