ROOM SERVICE | Chateau De L’Isle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We love our room so much we just couldn’t be bothered to leave for dinner. Perhaps it’s the hassle and drama of having to get dressed to go out or maybe it’s the tiredness from all the long-distance traveling the last couple of days but we decided to stay in and order room service instead. The ease in ordering freshly-prepped food and having it at our door soon after is often tempting and usually has the impression of costing a lot more, but given the amount and quality we got I’d say we came out even. Sadly burgers weren’t on the menu but the alternatives were just as good in the end.


Apart from a couple of Carrefour runs for dinner, we only ever ate out every night for the last two weeks and while eating out is usually cause for celebration, it does take a lot of effort to have to drive anywhere for a meal. If we have more time to enjoy the gorgeous room we have the privilege of staying in then it isn’t a big sacrifice at all. I later on found out that it was Teko’s first time to order room service. Well, schat, here’s to more room service moments in our future.

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