Rating: 5 out of 5.

Here it is, the final hotel of our two-week French adventure. It didn’t quickly dawn on me this morning that we were nearing the end of our journey and even after checking into Château de L’Ile this afternoon, still hasn’t. Not sure yet if that’s going to be good or bad when real life sets in soon.

First impression after coming through the gates – it’s a castle in a residential neighborhood, nice landscaping, easy and organized parking, properly paved entryway – all great so far. I noticed a full complement at check-in, by the book professional, which was very reassuring. When we got toured the facilities I was happy it didn’t feel like a museum, and once we were led to our room, I was blown away by the huge space, elegant furniture, and the biggest carved-wood closet. The large bed, high ceiling, large bathroom with a tub for Teko, etc, etc. etc.

A bit of research later, the truth came out. It’s a great-looking room for two good reasons – we were upgraded twice over.


The hotel I also discovered is a Small Luxury Hotels property and rated five stars, which explains a lot of things. Happy to report that Teko is loving the room, and since we’re here for the last two nights of the trip, it’s a great way to end an amazing, eye-opening, enriching, incomparable experience in France. Funny thing is we’ve probably only scratched the surface with many parts of the country, and it would be interesting to see how we’ll plan another trip to Le France in the future. One thing that would surely change – my fascination with castles has been seriously downgraded to a curiosity. They’re nice to look at for a few hours but sleeping in one is completely hit or miss. Thankfully for us and this trip, Château de L’Isle is a humongous hit.

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