ANNECY | France

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Surrounded by soaring mountains and next to a still-to-be-believed crystal clear lake, Annecy is beautiful, no doubt about it.

When I was in Switzerland with Anthony last year, I was this close to seeing Annecy as it was an easy day trip that most took from Geneva. I missed it for lack of time though and dismissed it defensively as just another quaint town overrun by Asian tourists. I’m still right about the tourists but it’s been a terrific experience so far wandering the streets at the golden sunset hour, something I feared we’d miss. We got to the hotel just a bit past 7 last night and I was dead sure Teko would call it a day once we got settled in the room. It seemed however that adrenaline took over and a second wind swept both of us into doing a walkthrough of the Vieille Ville to satisfy our trigger fingers. What I found was a charming town with photographic opportunities everywhere.

The iconic Palais de l’Isle is free from scaffolding, contrary to what I heard from others last year, looking appropriately clean atop the rushing Thiou River, itself immaculate. The streets are quiet, clutter-free, and scenic at every turn. The alpine Annecy Lake amazingly calm and light emerald green clear. It’s Switzerland all over again and I’m loving every second.


After a simple breakfast this morning, we still had time to do one final walkaround before heading onto our next destination, and with the sun’s help said merci, au revoir to beautiful Annecy.


I’m reminded at every turn of our trip of a lifetime to Switzerland last year, and maybe not oddly, by the feeling of Christmas that I’m sure Annecy would be ideal for. It’s a bit far to trek back here by car for that but we’ve done worse if memory serves. Let’s see how the rest of the year plays out.

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