RED RED WINE | Chateau Pape Clement

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The first, and likely only, wine tour on this trip was in the lofty confines of our hotel, which wasn’t just convenient – it took me 10 minutes to walk to the meeting point and the same to get back to the room afterwards – it was also one of the most recommended from what I could source online. I’ve been on wine tours before and can honestly say this was top-class – informative, engaging guide; beautiful vineyard, estate, and facilities; and the history that came with it was unimaginable. To think the first harvest was in the 1200s and that they’re still in business and thriving is astounding. Equally surprising is the wealth of the proprietor who owns 41 other wineries! So much wealth coming from a product that takes 16 months to make.


At the end of the tour was the requisite wine tasting session – located next to the wine store, of course – where we were treated to three different reds, the final of which was a 2014 Château Pape Clément. Clearly the best of the three, it was so easy to walk over and grab one as s souvenir before we left Bordeaux.  While tempting, for better or worse it was too late. We’d already stopped by the shop right after our day trip this morning  and grabbed a red and a white in anticipation.

While I hesitated to go on with the tour after our tiring run through Saint-Émilion earlier, preferring to lay in bed for the rest of the day, I’m happy to say I’m relieved I went. Not only was the tour free for those staying in the chateau, it was a very nice way to spend our final hours in this luxurious property before saying au revoir early tomorrow. I’m really going to miss this place.



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