Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our room has a TV, air conditioning, and for Teko, a bathtub.


We are staying a couple of nights in a beautifully historic building surrounded by gorgeous vineyards, and are finally experiencing modern century amenities in sharp contrast with the past two museum-like accommodations in Wimille and Vergoncey – a refreshing change I truly appreciate but which Teko finds comparably lacking in character, even going so far as to call it nouveau-riche.


With delicate, manicured lawns, a Gustav Eiffel-designed gazebo, and unbelievable millennia-old olive trees, the grounds of the chateau are jaw drop-amazing I’m astounded Teko’s opinion was contrasting mine. If having a TV and air conditioning counts as nouveau riche then color me Hyacinth Bucket – I’ll vote for modern comforts any holiday. My one concern is that there won’t be time to do the wine tasting tour that the Pape Clément is famous for – that would be a bourgeois shame for sure. Especially after the welcome drink of chateau-produced white and the gratis upgrade to a suite with an incredible vineyard view, I think it’s the least we could do.


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