Rating: 5 out of 5.

A second and final last ditch effort to see Mont Saint-Michel in full, unimpeded glory was made this afternoon, and by all accounts the effort was a wild success.

The forecast for the region today was mostly sunny but only until 6 pm when clouds would reportedly start rolling in. After our successful trip to stunning Saint-Malo we still had time return to the chateau and cool down, and possibly have another crack at visiting the UNESCO monastery later in the day. We already knew the route – Teko no longer needed directions – and the routine of where to park our car and board the shuttle, so it was now just a question of visibility. Will the Mont show itself this time around. It seems the heavens heard our plight and gave in, not only was there no fog, the clouds dissipated for a short time and there she was – and she was monumental indeed.


This marks the third time I’ve now been there, and whether a fourth comes to fruition I wouldn’t mind in the least. From afar or up close, whether hundreds of years ago or now, one thing for sure is that she’s every bit inspiring and amazing. A true monument in any sense.

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