Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Telegraph UK had an article about Brittany that listed Le Corps de Garde as the place for crepes in Saint-Malo and when we bumped into it along our aimless wandering over the ramparts I was hoping, as it was closed when we passed by, that we’d end up there at the opportune time. At the end of our leisurely perimeter-wide trek of the historic center, it was just about time for lunch, though not quite yet for the attractive-looking Le Cafe de Saint-Malo where we found ourselves tempted to stop by but were quickly told to come back at noon, still half an hour from then. Unfortunately for Le Cafe, we decided to move on and back to the eastern part of town for a meal of savory and sweet crepes, which the region is famous for and only by this much got ahead of the lunch crowd for a window-side table that was hard to beat. I ordered my Super Complete galette along with a moderate glass of champagne on the side as I wanted to celebrate another day of discovery filled with beautiful sights and great weather while Teko opted to go simple with a natural crepe, not much different from a Dutch pannekoek. The galette was substantial and took some time to finish off while Teko’s crepe on the other hand disappeared in no time, leaving him the opportunity to curate the photos he’d been snapping like crazy earlier. There was still room to spare so after settling the bill and walking back to our car, I asked to stop at Philippe Bouvier for some delicious, highly-recommended macarons to take back to the Vergoncey.


It was, all in all, a delicious experience that I think is typical of France, something I would sorely miss when our adventure is over. In the meantime, the expanding real estate around my midsection should hopefully keep me in check when the next delicious temptations come our way.


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