Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We are now in Vergoncey in Normandy staying at Château de Bouceel and sadly it’s deja vu all over again. The castle we’re staying in this time is larger, grander, and more imposing than the one in Boulogne but it comes with some unfortunate similarities.


Though to a lesser extent, the interiors still smell musky, the floors still creak with every step, and everything still feels like a museum – of the not-so-classy kind. The kind gentleman who greeted us at the door, the Count who sent us a royal email several days ago, showed us to a room that could best be described as unacceptable – it was just plain creepy in the medieval sense. Add the lack of a WiFi signal, no TV, and having to climb three flights of stairs – all creaking – and the thought of staying three nights under those conditions was just disheartening.


I looked online to see if they had another room available, which they did, and once we saw the Count again he quickly checked with the Mrs that there was. It was considerably more decent than the first room.


Still no TV in the room though WiFi signal is stronger. Still not quite sure how I feel about the two portraits staring at us in bed.


Since we have five other places to go to I’m starting to think this castle-hotel strategy isn’t going to work out. Still hoping.



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