Rating: 3 out of 5.

There was a sad surprise that greeted us in Omaha Beach, given its significance not to mention unnecessary loss that took place there about 74 years ago. Teko being a war buff, he knows more than most people what the stories and backstories are about World War II, and likely knows backwards and forwards what happened on that beach. Just prior to seeing the beach itself, we paid a visit to the Omaha Beach Museum as a kind of refresher – unfortunately the museum was like someone’s personal collection of memorabilia made to appear official – and soon after drove out the few hundred meters to where the events actually happened. What I saw were men, women, and children frolicking in that stretch of beach as if unaware anything ever happened, with an abstract stainless steel monument placed on the sandy shore commemorating history. Very odd to observe a well-documented event like that in such a careless – or carefree – way. It seemed to me a shame, after seeing the humanity laid out barely naked and playing about, that a lot more education needed to happen. A tragedy that was back then is a ironically a sad reality now because of it.



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