Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is our third – yes, third! – time to be in Pas de Calais due to Teko’s persistence and preoccupation with one mission – to see in full unimpeded, glory the cliffs of Dover across the English Channel. Because of this we only ever went to Cap Gris Nez, which is stunning now as in the two previous times we were here, and completely overlooked the other Cap across the bay. When we arrived to a glorious, sunny, wonderfully empty overlook at 830 this morning, as in previous visits we were once again thwarted by Mother Nature – there was no view of the cliffs at all, nothing but fog. With no other plans for the morning we decided to go to Cap Blanc Nez – and it turned out to be more than I expected.


Not knowing exactly how to get there, we gambled and found our way to a parking lot near Plage de Wissant and walked the distance towards the shore. As we got closer, my excitement was piqued by the wide beach in front of us, and in the seemingly far horizon the dramatic cliff that was a beacon calling us closer. The beaches were starting to get busy but the shore was so wide I felt like we were the only ones there and the closer we got to the cliff the more incredible it looked. Cap Blanc Nez is so inspiringly, mystically beautiful I couldn’t help but keep taking photos if only to keep my memories and emotions intact once we left. I found it very odd that it never occurred to us to go to this part of Pas de Calais but I’m truly glad we finally did. It was an ethereal, otherworldly experience that will be hard, if not impossible, to forget.


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