As our reward for winning several weeks ago in our company’s very popular Quiz Night – a shining moment in history and a night like no other – we were given use of the company boat to cruise the city canals in style. While I’ve taken advantage of this opportunity a handful of times by now, it still feels like an entire world away from what I was accustomed to in both The Philippines and In America and I’m still thrilled by each experience, as if it was always the first time. This trip in particular was scheduled weeks ago with a mix of dread and glee for what is always a coin toss in this part of Northern Europe – the weather.


As dumb luck would have it, it looks like Spring has finally sprung this late in April, timed perfectly for our much-awaited team ride through Amsterdam. My second canal boat cruise for the year was blessed with fantastic weather, great colleagues, mediocre Dutch food, and enviable calmness and joviality. The two hours ended well too soon.


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