SEILBAHN | Rüdesheim

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Even the apple juice tastes better.

It’s beautiful right now in Germany’s Eifel region and we couldn’t be luckier. Every day for the past two weeks since we decided on this trip, I would look at the weather report to see if we’d be blessed with Spring weather, or at the least, no rain. As the day drew nearer the forecast zigzagged between cloudy, partly sunny, to mild rain, it wasn’t looking that bad to be honest. Back in Amsterdam where Spring is taking its sweet time it was a relief to see the temperature at least on a slow upward trajectory each time I checked, until the much-awaited day came – a glorious sunny 14 degrees today.

We left Amsterdam at an eager 4 a.m. when weekend traffic was mainly non-existent, and after a few stops here and there made it to our hotel at 9. To my surprise we lucked out with a very early check-in – though Teko was disappointed soon enough with the check in staff’s attitude and having a room away from the main building. From our bedroom window I could see an inviting nature trail and against my better instincts, after settling in and a few minutes’ breather, we took a walk to a nearby landmark that suddenly became our jumping off point to the wine region and Rudesheim town. By way of the special and surprisingly uncrowded Seilbahn (cable car), I lapped up inspiring views over still-bare vineyards, the shimmering Rhine river, and the skyline of not just Rüdesheim but the entire region as far as the eye could see. It bears repeating, it’s beautiful right now in Germany’s Eifel region and we couldn’t be luckier.



2 thoughts on “SEILBAHN | Rüdesheim

  1. Yes it is very beautiful there! May I advice you to go to Ehrenbreitstein near Koblenz. It has a magnificent view where the river Moezel meets the river Rhine! You also have a view on Deutsches Eck with a huge statue of one of the German emperors


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