Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Clearly another highlight, the Seilbahn (aerial lift) from the Jagdschloss Niederwald to the town of Assmannshausen is not to be missed. At times harrowing, oftentimes exhilarating, to be ferried in a what looks like a makeshift contraption ever so slowly 10-20 meters above ground, through mountain forests, over stunning vineyards, with views of the amazing landscape all for €5 each way is one of the best bargains of this trip thus far. It was our way – given pleasant weather clearly the best way – of entering the tiny town of Assmannshausen found on the banks of the Rhine. It was for me a mix of theme park, childhood low-tech playground, and ski lift all in one. With the sun shining our way – contrary to weather reports of cloud and rain – we sailed by quietly and slowly to the attractive-looking town below. As it turned out, Assmanshausenites take their Easter Sunday very seriously as the town was deserted save for a few tourist stragglers including ourselves, such that after a quick 15-minute round through town and recording images for posterity, we made our way back the same way we came in albeit this time under a slight drizzle. Since we were mainly looking up it was considerably less harrowing the second time around.


Despite the lack of purpose at our destination, thankfully it was the journey that made our time worthwhile. Definitely one of the best, most memorable surprises of this trip.


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