LEEUWARDEN | Netherlands

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s March 25, zomertijd (summertime) has started which means we move our clocks an hour ahead today, and yet it was 5 degrees Celsius when we were in Leeuwarden this morning. We drove the 90 minutes to Friesland’s capital because, one, we’d never been, and two, we needed to go out and do something cheap, and Leeuwarden was the best of our now limited options. The highways were free and mostly calm, especially as we drove over the Afsluitdijk, an impressive highway built in the late 20s separating the North Sea from the IJsselmeer, and the walk around the old section of the city was trouble free – no crowds, no traffic, and perfect for a Sunday. If only it was a bit warmer. After about an hour of site seeing we sat down to a cozy lunch at the classy Post Plaza Grand Cafe, talked about our plans for the future, and then called it a day.


All in all Leeuwarden proved to be quite interesting – 15th and 16th century buildings always get my attention – and well worth the trip so much so it made me wonder why it took this long to visit. Moreover, the ride back got me thinking about our talk over lunch and since we aren’t close to knocking on retirement’s door yet, there’s no better time to make changes. Especially given my recent job scare this month, hopefully we’ll only be moving forward, and not exhausted to the point of regret.


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