BRUNCH | The Blueberry

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Long, seemingly endless, brain mushing days of work have taken a toll so I took a ‘me’ day today to decompress and spend it routelessly together with Teko. He had a car errand in Amersfoort but was all free afterwards, which offered me a luxury of possibilities – was it going to be a few hours at the zoo? aimless window shopping? another drive to Germany?

The car errand surprisingly lasted all of five minutes and before I knew it we were parked near city hall and walking to Amerfoort’s old center. A quick Google check for Amersfoort brunch brought me and Teko in front of The Blueberry, which practically yelled American, and was a welcome break from all the uitsmijters I’ve had over the years. Even though it reeked hipster, which Teko avoids like the plague, there was barely anyone there, the piped-in music was appropriate, and by a spacious corner table the BLT and pancakes really hit the spot.


While the pancakes could have been IHOP bigger and how I wish I didn’t forget to order my sides of bacon and scrambled eggs, I thought it was a great breakfast experience that hasn’t happened in a long while. Why can’t we have more of this in Amsterdam.



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