BREMEN | Germany

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Bremen it turns out had just the right amount of city and small town feel. It wasn’t too big as to make it unsatisfyingly daunting like Munich, and small enough like Dresden that had an interesting old center – well, as old as they could make it look given it was bombarded to bits during the last world war – that was substantial and pleasant to walk around in. For perhaps a 2nd or 3rd tier city Bremen proved to be a very nice stop with many attractions going for it – Schnoor in particular was impressive – and in the end I was glad it was the venue for our reunion with a dear, longtime, jet setting friend.


By the time my friend, Lito, arrived at the train station from Berlin, it was already noon, which meant our get together only had a couple of hours to spare. We had just about time for a walk to show him the sights through the old town and then lunch close by. The lunch though short proved to be lively, leisurely, carefree, and perfect for catching up from where we left off, and for planning our next get together. Apart from a possibly racist waiter who, after I tapped him on the elbow to ask for more drinks, replied “no touch”, it was a lovely and unordinary January Sunday that I hope gets repeated many times over. With more special lunches and less ‘touchy’ waiters.


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