Rating: 3 out of 5.

After the nonstop traveling over Christmas – the beautiful sights and discoveries – it’s all now become a blur after just a week out, and with no immediate forthcoming plans it’s bound to be very quiet, very boring most likely, and maybe a struggle psychologically, to get through the long dark weeks ahead. While it’s going to be a slow, uneventful next few months, we did wake up this morning to a very nice, sunny day that promised to stay that way. Despite not getting much sleep last night Teko was game to go out for breakfast somewhere, which ended up being an interestingly-named cafe in affluent Hilversum, about 30 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam. The drive was pleasant and welcomely blinding as the sun shone brightly throughout – it felt like we’d been living in the shadows for far too long. Upon reaching the cafe it was so quiet we were the only car parked in their empty lot and for a moment thought they were closed – the front door was still locked with no one inside save for one man walking around – until we found the back door to let us in. No other customers came for the entire time we were there, it was like our own grand private dining room, and were able to enjoy a relaxed satisfying morning repast. It turned out to be a really nice Sunday that hopefully will repeat itself many times over, enough times to tide me over until Spring, when the sun finds its way to stay with us longer.

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