Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I could see the stars last night when we came into Bad Wiessee in Tegernsee, something I can’t recall when that it must have been a long time since it last time happened. It was also a good sign that we might finally experience decent weather this holiday.
We’re doing the budget route this season – a consequence of our replacement car upgrade – and opted for a B&B a bit far from the lake. When I mentioned to a German colleague where we were going this Christmas he gave out an impressed look and volunteered that it was a pricey area with high-end hotels and spas. Unfortunately our home for the holidays was completely far from that – it did have nice pictures and an excellent reputation but was lacking in more than a few luxuries.


The following morning though surprised us with a very nice view from our expansive balcony that more than made up for any made-up shortcomings, and the weather that followed couldn’t have been any more perfect. The glorious winter sun was out. After breakfast we found our way to the nicest part of the lake by Rottach-Egern and aimlessly walked around, enjoyed the views from the boulevard, the smell of snow, the crisp winter, and the luxury of stillness that comes naturally in small towns. The best hotels and resort spas were there as my colleague said but it certainly didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Our trip to Tegernsee is a triumph in the short time we’ve already been here and starting to feel loads better than our five-star, rainy Berlin experience last year. Our economy white Christmas this year is exactly what I was looking for.



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