Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rothenburg is magic.
After checking into our beautiful hotel on this Christmas Eve, we went out for an early dinner and had enough time to walk around town and enjoy some Yuletide cheer. We were lucky, it was a dry night and only moderately cold I could walk around with my heavy winter jacket comfortably open. My first choice for dinner however was booked and as what usually happens desperation set in, we ended up settling for a tourist-trappy establishment right next to the main square. It wasn’t so much the loudness of the place and the overwhelming smell of sauerkraut, nor the over-abundance of loud Americans, nor the couldn’t-care-less-I-don’t-get-paid-to-smile-I’m-so-tired-of-you-tourists waiter, but it was more that we were both exhausted and likely running on fumes after our eight-hour drive that we ended up getting annoyed with each other and not talking for a good part of dinner. Luckily we snapped out of it soon afterwards and before calling it a night we had a nice walk around the busy, quaint town square.


As medieval towns go, Rothenburg was straight out of a fairy tale it was hard not to fall for it, the only downside being all shops closed at the stroke of 8. Rather inconvenient when you want to make the most of a short visit. What little I saw though – endless stalls selling authentic holiday gifts, cobblestone streets lined with Christmas decor and pine trees, and the largest Kathe Wohlfart store I’d ever seen – made me eager to see so much more the next morning.
After an early breakfast at 7 the next day, that’s exactly what we did. I’ll definitely plan on coming back here soon.


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