CAP GRIS-NEZ | Pas de Calais

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another apparent coincidence on this trip was our return to Cap Griz-Nez almost a year to the day.


As it was back then, it was a bright, sunny day but with a little something off. The last time proved to be too foggy to see the cliffs on the British side, resigned to the fact that I would unlikely be there again to try a second time. Turns out I WOULD be back but this time had to contend with gale-force winds that were almost strong enough to blow us off the cliff, and an incoming storm that only gave a vague outline of the British isle across. As with each time, however, the Cap showed me how dramatic, wondrous, and beautiful nature can be and how we’re all really just visitors passing through. Our second time is hopefully still not the last.


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