HET VUURSCHE BOS | Lage Vuursche

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The restaurant’s name could roughly translate to ‘the fiery forest’ (or even more ominously ‘the forest fire’) but in any case it was one of the few restaurants we hadn’t been to yet in our many visits to former-Queen Beatrix’s hood in idyllic Lage Vuursche. On a sunny Saturday morning, this time around we sat down for the occasional treat of Dutch pancakes courtesy of Het Vuursche Bos, lucky to have spotted a corner table by the outdoor patio and signaling what could be the last time we can dine al fresco this year. Considering it’s October it really is quite surprising we can still do this. Service was quick and friendly, and over some substantial, restaurant signature pancake I had another opportunity to get to know more things about Teko and what made him the person he is.
It felt great enjoying a no-nonsense, semi-traditional meal while sitting outside in the relatively quiet surroundings of the small yet affluent town. Contrasts like these I can appreciate.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day so hopefully a similar opportunity presents itself – because winter is around the corner and we all have to take advantage while we can.


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