Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

After two days of hawking softwares in London. I’m back to the familiar environs of my beloved Amsterdam. It was my first time doing a tradeshow in Europe and it went well I have to say, aided luckily by a group of strait-laced straight guys who are extremely accustomed to the kinds of activities like this but who though couldn’t seem to grasp my wry, sarcastic Asian humor at times, as well as those from an attractive manniquin-esque Morrocan girl who I unexpectedly got along with swimmingly and was able to share views and thoughts with, with a lot of understanding, laughter, and empathy. It was fun for the amount of time I spent there but I would seriously question making it an increasing part of my professional responsibilities. Whether or not it will be is up to me of course but however it goes, I hope the hotels are at least as nice as the Moxy. Did I say I hate traveling for work?


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