After an uneventful morning at work, I whisked myself to Central Station to catch a train to Schiphol, and from there a quick flight to London City Airport for work. After weeks of waiting I was finally on my way to a trade show that got me excited, anxious, nervous, and ready at certain points over time, but which now seemed like an exercise in forced continuity. In other words I felt like I was just going through the motions. Though traveling alone makes me anxious, luckily the flight was too short to make any serious damage, except possibly for one of the bumpiest landings I can remember, and I’d been to London many times before so there was no excitement of seeing something new. I was very much numb to any discoveries and looking at everything with a detached eye, as if watching it all from a distance. Let’s see how the next couple of days go and whether I can come out of this, at the least, professionally unscathed. Thank god I brought along my armor.

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