BRUNCH | De Compagnon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Truffles, truffles, and more truffles. Everywhere there were truffles.
My brunch-slash-late lunch date with a colleague today, which incidentally was scheduled over two weeks ago – spontaneity is not a thing for budding friends over here – was far from the usual casual brunch that I’ve been accustomed to. It wasn’t really a brunch and more a semi-formal, semi-staid affair that got turned from a cozy twosome to a sometimes awkward foursome all in one morning. I’m being overly-dramatic but it would have been more comfortable enjoying our demi-expensive meal with people I already knew well, with all due respect to my colleague’s roommate who was a pleasant girl and whom I met for the first time this morning. The restaurant though situated in the crazy-busy red light district was a nice discovery – the view of the water is hard to beat. The meal however, regular and rosé champagne included, turned out a bit too fancy for a relaxed, easy-going Saturday, it would have been better suited for an evening out in the town special. And did I say that the meal was a truffle explosion it was chock full of truffles, even oddly, the dessert. Overall, it was great to get out and try new things, especially on a beautiful sunny day, and spend time with both my partner and my colleague, and seeing them get acquainted with each other was a welcome development. Next time though, brunch is going to be brunch – mimosas, pancakes, and all. Because that’s what weekends are for dammit.



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