THE ROAST ROOM | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Roast Room has come to pass.
A friend, Tom, whom I haven’t seen in ten years was visiting our side of the world and it was a bit of work figuring out where to bring him for a nice reunion-dinner worth the occasion. I settled on two restaurants that I’d both never been to and eventually decided on one that was easier to reach and looked a bit more impressive. Failing to get a table online, the moment was saved by a quick call and after a long, tedious day at work it was something I looked forward to with anticipation. Since it was always a challenge to find the time, opportunity, and inclination to dine closer to the city center, my long unseen friend’s visit was one of the few chances I’d been waiting for.

We were literally the first ones through the door and got seated in a beautiful corner table in the balcony section. Overlooking the busy street, it was bright and sunny, though a bit chilly so they conveniently switched on the heater directly above us. The place was huge especially by Amsterdam standards, it was a luxury enjoying so much space.


After more than three hours of nostalgia and catching up over great food and one of the best-looking and best-tasting steaks I can remember – it brought me back to those special dinners we usually had while on holiday – I’d had enough to keep me emotionally and corporeal-ly satisfied for a long while. The Roast Room was a delicious, somewhat pricey, albeit necessary experience that I wouldn’t at all mind doing again.


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