BRUNCH | Wyers Kimpton de Witt

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Kimpton, a chain I’m quite familiar with when I lived in DC – they must have had 5 or 6 in the whole city alone – has opened a branch in Amsterdam and it got me quite curious. After I’d heard about it and found out they had taken over the old Crown Plaza, I knew they’d have a restaurant and quickly checked if they had a brunch menu. I was happy they did indeed and to see some familiar options – I was sure I’d make it there at some point and it was just a question of when. When I was finally able to get over some medical challenges that benched me for a couple of weekends this month – August doesn’t seem to be a good one for me this year – a couple of friends/ex-colleagues said yes to an impromptu gathering and I was able to finally see the place for myself. The decor didn’t disappoint.


I’d say it was a good experience – not a great one but good enough. The much anticipated American pancakes were delicious as were the crunchy bacon that wasn’t in the menu but that I was able to order on the side, however the plating was sadly uninspired. The mimosa scored very low on the quality meter it was disappointingly more on the prosecco and less on the orange juice, both of which could have been done much, much better. The decor and atmosphere however were top notch and what I totally expected from the brand, and the place while empty when we got there at 11:30, was packed by the time we left 2.5 hours later. Given the same circumstances I would definitely come back and try the rest of the menu though I hope their presentation improves somehow. A great brunch is still so hard to come by in these parts but there’s hope.

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