Carbs For The Soul

There was a gift I received from our sidetrip to Liguria early this month that I’ve been yearning to try and which I finally got to do so tonight. An attractive, verdant bottle of genuine Genoan pesto that Anthony gave to me and to a few others had been sitting in our kitchen drawer waiting to be opened. The only thing in the way was my constantly forgetting to grab a box of spaghetti from the store – oh how I wish I had the werewithal to make pasta from scratch – but that was remedied after a quick trip to our neighborhood Jumbo this afternoon. The beautiful thing about this spaghetti dinner was that once the 7 minutes were up all I had to do was drain the water, mix in the pesto, and viola, a delicious meal that brought me back to those warm, sunny, carefree days in Cinque Terre. The power of one’s senses, taste in this case, is indeed food for the soul.


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