OESTERIJ | Yerseke

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A couple of hours after lazily getting out of bed, plopping myself on the sofa, and whiling the time away online, we finally got dressed and set forth to the southwest-most province in the country for some seafood on the half shell. In one of my aimless online-surfing at home I happened to discover an interesting restaurant/ research center that focused on of all things, oysters, which in a small way brought me back to memories of our trip to California’s central coast. Honestly, it’s going to be hard to top that experience especially given the dreary, summerless weather today but it was worth a try anyway I thought. The day started off wet and depressingly lingered that way for the entire length of our drive this morning to Yerseke, some two-plus hours away.
The ride was long as expected and it was still drizzling when we reached our destination to the point that it was starting to literally dampen my spirits. It turned out that there was more than one oesterij or oyster place in town but after finding the right one, grabbing a seat and a few sips of chardonnay, all became right in the world.


The restaurant is set next to the waters where the oysters are harvested so there was no question of freshness, and the three different plates of oysters we got were so affordable, I was tempted to order seconds. The au gratin version was particularly tasty. At the end of our quick meal, with all expectations fulfilled and then some, it did indeed bring me back a little bit to California and even our recent wine tasting in magical Lavaux in Switzerland. Even more surprising was that Teko, the ever picky eater, enjoyed the food as well. Now that’s a discovery that made it all worth the journey.

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