SWISS WINE | Lavaux & Vinorama

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It could be the wine talking but our afternoon in Lavaux ranks up there as one of the best parts of our Swiss adventure thus far.
Our trip through the Lavaux wine region has been amazing, beginning with St Saphorine, considered one of the 500 most beautiful towns in the world. It’s a little speck of town surrounded entirely by endless wine vineyards, and after winding our way up down and sideways through the narrow streets past stone houses and flower-strewn walls and windows, it’s not hard to see why it’s reached such a lofty reputation. We ventured a half-hour hike in the direction of Rivaz, the next Lavaux town over, which was lovely as we walked past endless fields of grapes even though it did seem like a much longer trek. We were tempted to go off-road at one point to more quickly reach our destination, but we stayed on course as google dictated, reaching Rivaz maybe 15 minutes longer than scheduled. Not that there was anything to complain about – I enjoyed every step through the UNESCO heritage site and would gladly go even longer given the time. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case as we were trying to catch an appointment. This is Switzerland after all.


The Vinorama is a popular winebar for a tasting of the region’s wines. I got myself a sampling of three Chasselas grape wines that Lavaux is known for, which were all delicious and didn’t disappoint. I would have gotten a bottle or two to take back but the traditionalist in me couldn’t get over their use of screw caps over cork. I simply couldn’t. We had such a good time that we literally closed the place down, leaving at the very last minute before they closed.
It may have taken us longer to reach Rivaz but it undoubtedly made little difference – enjoying good wine and food in the company of friends, old and new, surrounded by the, oftentimes, seemingly unbelievable beauty of Lake Geneva, on a fantastic day like what we had today is what makes it all worth the journey.


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