Rating: 5 out of 5.

After a whole day of site seeing it was time for us to go back to the hotel and find out where they’ve decided to place us. With anxious anticipation I wondered whether they’d make an over the top decision in order to salvage any negative first impressions, especially given that they’re one of the best hotels in the city or just make the minimal effort and consider our stay a loss, thinking that one person’s opinion in the general scheme of things can be bearable for their bottom line. It seems that they chose the former.


It was suite perfection. Not only was the room huge and had the lake view that we originally booked, it also came with a mini kitchen, three TVs including one over the bathtub, a fairly large dining table, two toilets, and three – yes, three – balconies all facing the water and the French mountains. We had just enough time to enjoy the room and the views but just barely as we had to leave very early for the last leg of the trip. After this Lausanne will be unforgettable even more.


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