EVIAN | France

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The weather was wonderful again today but I opted to wait for Anthony and didn’t get going until way after lunch to site see and make something of the day. When we did do it we went all the way — all the way out of the country that is, over water into neighboring France. And with the wonders of the Swiss Travel Pass, after taking the train from Geneva to Lausanne, we didn’t have to pay extra for the ferry crossing Lake Geneva to the southern shores of Evian-les-Bains. It was just that easy. Once we got there all it took was a couple of hours to go through the highlights of the city and grab a quick refreshing drink of the eponymous life-affirming waters straight from the actual source – which happened to be a public fountain. There really wasn’t much else to see in Evian but the destination was worth it if only for the journey – the gorgeous lake and surrounding mountains were present the entire time, and the less harried pace of life that signaled the end of another day in that part of France. As we walked back to the port, debating whether or not to have dinner there or in Lausanne, we caught sight of the ferry disembarking passengers, quickly huffing it back and gladly making it – this time around in much quieter, more relaxed fashion. As we gently cruised away during a still sunny early evening I started thinking this trip so far, like many that I’ve had with Anthony is something that I’ll be hard-pressed to forget – and I could only smile at the thought.



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