Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

An elaborate midday meal was very much called for after our walk through the UNESCO-recognized old town in Bern. We were at the Nyddegbrucke enjoying the skyline when lunch came to mind and with thanks to TripAdvisor and the reliable Swiss transport system – loved that we can just hop on and off without having to bother with tickets – we were quickly at Kornhaus Keller for a nice meal and wow-inducing views. The food was great prices notwithstanding but the star attraction was clearly the setting – it helps that the building facade on ground level was unassuming and very nondescript but after descending to the basement and making a turn, all cameras were out. Dressed in a hoodie and sneakers, it felt a bit sheepish I expected to be told that we’d have to come back with more appropriate clothing but no, we were quickly seated and ended up with a fun, leisurely lunch.
I’m usually not one to repeat restaurants when on holiday but given our experience at Kornhaus, it’s not hard to make an exception.


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