MONTREUX | Switzerland

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All I kept thinking as we were walking the length of the Montreux promenade was Freddie Mercury’s anthem turned commercial tune I Want To Break Free. Logical since he has a larger than life statue dominating the waterfront main square that could hardly be missed, we practically zeroed in on it once we arrived. I learned he settled in the Montreux after performing at the famous yearly festival held there and loved the quietness and beauty of the lake. Still a week away from the end of the festival I can’t imagine how quiet it could be but the beauty, as with the rest of the Geneva Lake area, was very much evident. I’d heard of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival ages ago and though not impossible didn’t really think I’d make it there, being neither a jazz music fan nor much into festivals. It’s interesting though finally setting foot there and seeing for myself what it was about, how crazy and crowded it can get, and how much more sedate the Swiss are compared with their loud, much poorer jazz-loving kin from the developing world. At least Freddie got it half right.



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