TEXEL 2017

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was too sunny to stay home but it’s always a question of where to go or what to do. After all these years it’s now a constant challenge to decide on such things – life would be much easier if only we had Walmart or Costco.

When Teko suggested we go to Texel it suddenly seemed a given – I remember the quiet, wide beaches, and picturesque backdrop of the red lighthouse against crisp blue skies and have been wanting to go back for a while now. With little traffic on the highway we were there lining up for the ferry in Den Helder in no time and not much later we were on another island in the North Sea.


Even when it got too uncomfortably warm later in the afternoon I’m glad we did it anyway. I sometimes think Texel would be a great place to buy a house later on after retirement given its relative isolation and Dutch standard of living. Hope fate is kind enough to make that happen.


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