DE KASTANJEHOF 2017 | Lage Vuursche

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s a holiday today in the Netherlands – Ascension Day – which is a surprise since a lot of locals couldn’t care less about religion. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I’m more than willing to overlook that fact and take advantage of another opportunity to sleep in and wake up with the sun on my face as opposed to any normal weekday. In enjoying this to the hilt I ended up getting out of bed close to 9, three hours more than I normally do, with a cloud-free sky and brilliant, streaming sun greeting me through our living room window.
Not wanting to waste another opportunity, I brought up the idea of possibly having a pleasant meal in Beatrix’s neighborhood 30 miles southeast of Amsterdam, which was quickly and gladly accepted.
It’s always good when we agree on something.
The way there instantly brought back memories of our recent record-setting drives in California, and ironically with better weather here than what we had over there. We settled on a restaurant we’d been to before and had a luxurious meal befitting the beautiful day we were having. So long as it feels like a California day, maybe we’ll make this a tradition for Ascension Day.



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