A blitzkrieg trip to downtown Seattle was possible because the airline that shall not be named placed us on an earlier flight out of Las Vegas (without our knowledge and without informing us), which meant we had 8 hours’ layover in SeaTac Airport. Taking this as an opportunity rather than a setback, we made sure with the airline staff that it was okay for us to leave the airport, that our luggage was indeed checked through to Amsterdam, and that we had enough time to see the more important sites and to get back. After ticking all the boxes and a quick message to a friend turned Seattle local, Sam, who was wonderfully free to meet up with us and guide us around, we were off on the airport light rail to Pike Place Market.


After a surprisingly quiet and leisurely sandwich lunch with Sam nearby – the entire neighborhood was just mad with the lunch-hour crowd plus hordes of tourists that both Piroshki and Starbucks were crazy busy – we wandered off to the Space Needle and other parts known, lucky to be doing so under a bright Washington spring day. I kept my eye on the time all throughout until like sand visibly disappearing in an hourglass the moment came to head back to SeaTac.
Three hours go by so fast when you’re having fun.

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