Rating: 5 out of 5.
I finally got to see it.
In many uninteresting trips to Las Vegas, I never really explored the areas outside the city, usually shackled to the immediate surroundings of the hotel we were staying at while the adults went off to play slots, poker, or keno. With no affection for gambling it was without a doubt quite boring I wished back then that life would fast forward somehow.
This time around with more freedom on hand Hoover Dam has become more accessible such that less than 30 minutes’ drive later we were at the sky-high Pat Tillman bridge overlooking the dam, sweaty-palmed and making sure I held onto my camera-phone lest it fall a hundred miles down onto the Colorado River below it. I was actually nervous standing on that bridge while I felt the vibrations of the cars speeding on the highway and the wind that could blow my phone away and possibly me along with it. After snapping a few pictures I was ready to move on but Teko brilliantly suggested we take a drive over the dam, which more than completed the experience. We  were able to see another side of the huge megastructure and contentedly went on our way…to something even grander.


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