THE GENERAL SHERMAN TREE | Sequoia National Park

Rating: 4 out of 5.
We’re more than 7000 feet up a mountain and it’s snowing – in May! We’re only here for another night before driving off to our next destination and I seriously hope we don’t get stuck up here indefinitely.


In any case we put on the thickest clothing we had and braved it out this morning to see the General Sherman tree, the largest tree on the planet. Thank god for cars as it was still 7 miles away from our lodge and trekking would have been deathly impossible for someone so out of condition like myself, not to mention just simple breathing is already an effort at these heights imagine what more damage walking would do. I’m literally out of breath after just several feet of walking.
When we reached the start of the General Sherman trail tragically there was still 700 meters of walking involved – but it was entirely worth it when we finally stood in front of the 2500 year-old grand tree, a little out of breath but excited and amazed to be there.


Missing California sunshine aside, I think the snow even helped us as we had the tree all to ourselves. Well the whole grove actually. There was barely any traffic everywhere we went and we didn’t have to line up for anything. For a place as popular as Sequoia National Park, that’s not only rare it’s a privilege.

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