Rating: 5 out of 5.

The roadside views here in the Central Coast are incredible it’s almost unreal.

I’m extremely lucky with just riding shotgun in this trip, free to take naps anytime during our long drives, and in moments when the landscape is unbelievable, which have been oddly many so far, I get to snap as many pics as I want without having to deal with driving minutiae. The mountains and rolling hills here Central California and elsewhere have made spectacular diversions to our hours-long drives that Teko’s even mentioned a few times how this was likely the most amazing road trip he’s taken. I’m absolutely surprised by what I’ve seen so far that I find myself suddenly wide-eyed and zen as if in the presence of majesty, something that photos can’t come close to doing justice.



3 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD TO CAMBRIA | California

  1. Gerry…if one day you decide to take on a whole new carrière you should definitely consider the field of photography and/or writing. Your pictures and stories are great. Sure makes want to pack my bags and go there to.


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