Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m really loving this Inn so far. With the exception of the view – we only got a partial sea view – everything has been up to par and even exceptional in a lot of cases. From the quick and friendly reception, to the fantastic-looking, modern nautical-theme room, to the no-kidding it was really delicious, complimentary cake we got from the staff to celebrate our trip, has all so far been faultless. The bed is huge and feels great, the Inn is exactly across the beach promenade, there’s free and easy parking, our own fireplace, etc., etc. Not to mention the small details that add up to making a big impression – the woodwork craftsmanship, the absence of dust anywhere, the perfect coats of paint, pristine carpet – it all shows just how much effort the property takes to make each stay unforgettable. It may be too early to judge – we’ve only been here a few hours – but I’m really really loving this Inn so far.



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