BISTRO BOUDIN | San Francisco

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was sheer luck that made us bump into Boudin for our well-deserved lunch after an inspired and spontaneous trek up Pacific Overlook in the Presidio. Like scaling Everest, the gorgeous views from that sliver of hiking track that was reachable only by foot felt like such an accomplishment, after taking a handful of pics through strong winds we quickly left and searched for a proper spot to celebrate our conquest. We decided to go to Fishermans Wharf and by chance found a nice window seat with a view of the waterfront at the cozy and – for me at least – satisfying, Boudin. Both of us got their version of a burger – they use baguettes for theirs – rather than the oysters, which I would have loved but am still careful ordering, or any of the other tempting items on the attractive-looking menu.

It’s always a challenge to agree on where to eat with Teko and apart from what he thought was a mediocre burger thankfully he found nothing else too seriously objectionable. We lingered a short while after our meal, enjoying the sunny view of the water and talked about what we’d gone through so far on this trip, family in particular, before heading out into the town once again – off to explore this city by the bay.


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