Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Napa Valley is beautiful – even in this 90 degree day.
It turned out to be a quick enough trip from Elk Grove given the absence of any real traffic congestion such that even with a pitstop at the golden arches for breakfast and troubles with the GPS navigator, we were able to make it early enough to avoid the crowds. Our chosen destination was the V Sattui winery, which won over the other options due to how it looked online and from testimonials I’d read. I knew we only had time and temperament for one or two wineries so choosing the right one was important. I was hoping that since it was a Tuesday that it wouldn’t be busy at all and I was wonderfully right – with my mom in tow I had to walk slowly and be her support the entire time there, and having few people around made it so much easier to navigate the cellars, shops, and the grounds without constantly worrying she’d slip and break something. Not that she tends to be in such situations – it’s been really gratifying to see her still spritely and active and in a positive state of mind after all these years.
We didn’t spend too much time lingering around, leaving quite quickly after buying a couple of bottles and taking some photos of the grounds. Mainly due to the heat, we’d decided to head home after visiting only this one winery, but with absolutely no regrets – V Sattui was a great experience that ticked all the right boxes and piqued my tastebuds for more of the same. As for the two bottles we bought that’ll call Amsterdam home, here’s hoping we don’t get hassled by the customs folks on the way back.


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