Rating: 5 out of 5.
Yountville has been in my consciousness for a quite a long time, even when I still lived in DC. I knew it specifically as the location for what could be the best restaurant in the whole United States and possibly a wondrous place where fairies and elves pranced on flowers and unicorns. The restaurant in question carried the odd name of the French Laundry, whose reputation was so widespread a simple immigrant Asian man from three time zones away found out about it. After our whirlwind trip to a vineyard in Napa I finally after all this time was able to set foot in Yountville for the purpose of lunch, not at the lofty confines of the French Laundry but rather the more accessible little sister, Bouchon. If I were any younger such a thing would still matter but I’m quite content at where I am now with never seeing the inside of the bigger sister, which is good because spending $500 a person for a meal is just about outside our daily budget for this trip. Plus the fact that satisfaction from a meal could just as easily come from In-N-Out as it would from the best Michelin restaurant out there. So our meal for today was a compromise in the best sense, and a great way to call it a day in California’s renowned wine region.



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